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2019 wrap up… And, an announcement!

Wow, what a year?! 2019 definitely shaped up to be one of the busiest years of my life. The last six months of the year, especially, were tiring. 2020 looks as though it will be even busier… 


An announcement

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’d know that until about 9 months ago, I was posting every week. Over 2019 this progressively decreased to the point where I haven’t posted for almost 3 months!


2019 was very busy in the work space. From July, both my beloved and I took on higher positions and duties at work, which required more hours and left our brains exhausted on most days. Consequently, I just haven’t had the energy to post.


The main reason we took on these extra responsibilities is because we’re expecting our first child in early April of this year!


As we’re trying to set ourselves up for the baby as frugally as possible, most of the spare time we did have in the last half of 2019 was spent renovating furniture and the house, shopping at op shops, scavenging items from the road side, or reading library books on what the heck to expect!


2019 wrap up

As you probably know, I set myself numerous financial, health, kindness and knowledge goals in 2019. In the first half of the year, I made some good progress on some of my goals, and not so much on others. The trend remained the same for the second half of the year…


So… How did we end up?



We (unfortunately, briefly) hit our goal to save $15K for an emergency fund. We really stepped up our game in this space in the second-half of the year by putting our pay rises, tax returns, etc towards it.


We hit the $15K mark in early December. However, just before Christmas, our cat decided to give us a heart attack by falling from a height of 3.5 metres… $1350 in vets bills later, our emergency fund took a hit before the year ended.


All up in 2019, we managed to save almost $19,000 for our emergency fund; including paying for the ’emergencies’ that happened throughout the year. 



I changed job, organisation and location in July. This killed-off the tuck shop I’d started at my previous job. However, I increased fortnightly donations to charities to make up for this. Overall, I achieved my kindness goal for 2019, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement in the future.



My knowledge goal for 2019 was to read at least one book per month. I managed to achieve, or exceed, this goal each month, reading over 20 books for the year. I intend to keep this up as much as possible (whilst cuddling a baby) in 2020.



My first health goal was to cut back my alcohol consumption to no more than 3 drinks per day, three days a week – except for special occasions. I’m proud to say, that I have done well with this goal, breaking it only a couple of times over the year.


My second health goal was to do daily muscle strengthening and stretching exercises. I’ll openly admit that I failed miserably at this goal! Given that I’ll be needing arms of steel to nurse a baby this year… I am planning to ramp things up in this space early this year.


Other achievements

2019 was the first year I tracked our net wealth using my net worth tracker (you can get your free copy by subscribing to my mail list!).


I’m pleased to say that our net wealth increased by 36% over the year. This consisted mainly of an increase in assets, with a decrease in liabilities making up a smaller portion. As we are only 3 years into our mortgage, most of our payments are chewed up by interest, so we’re not making much headway in this space as yet.


2020 goals

This year, I haven’t set myself a bunch of goals like in the past. I’ll just see how things go adjusting to parenthood, and then set some more goals for 2021!


However, I do have one main goal this year: to cut back on waste as much as possible. Plastic waste is my main target, however I’m also trying to cut back on clothes waste and food waste as well.


I intend to achieve this goal by:

  • Using reusable kitchen items, such as Keep cups, metal straws, silicone zip bags, etc;
  • making my own cleaning and skincare products and storing them in existing containers;
  • Purchasing as many items as possible in compostable packaging and composting it in my garden;
  • Avoiding items wrapped in plastic as much as possible;
  • Purchasing fewer, high-quality, second-hand clothes, made from natural fabrics; and
  • Turning excess veggies into soups, etc and stewing leftover fruit.


2020 is ramping up to be a very busy, exciting and life-changing year for my beloved and I… I hope you’ll join us for the ride.




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