Mission Statement

The Flawed Consumer is an Australian Personal Finance Blog focused on wealth maximisation. TFC believes that wealth isn’t just about money, it’s about a holistic approach to life which includes the maximisation of finance, knowledge, kindness and health. Through the maximisation of these principles we can all achieve wealth.



To provide Informative and helpful content that you can use in your everyday life, regardless of how busy you are. We endeavour to provide this content in a user-friendly and easy to read format, with a touch of humour on the side.


What makes The Flawed Consumer different?

I believe in keeping it real. I am not a financial, knowledge, kindness or health expert. I am merely an everyday Australian who has found peace in the pursuit of holistic wealth. I want to share my knowledge, learning and growth with you to help you in the pursuit of holistic wealth too.


Why does the Flawed Consumer exist?

I am a flawed Gen Y consumer that had a financial epiphany around my 30th birthday. When I turned 30, I realised that my wife and I were trapped in a dangerous consumer led debt-cycle. Upon further reflection, I realised that this kind of life did not gel with either of our personalities and I couldn’t understand why we had become the “Keeping up with the Jones'” types. It was upon deep reflection that I realised that we were just doing what most other people our age were, without truly thinking about what actually made us happy. This was an unacceptable realisation, so we decided to take swift action to change our lives for the better in order to achieve financial freedom.


Soon after, I started this blog to share our financial freedom journey in an attempt to help others along the way. However, over time I realised the importance of a holistic approach to wealth maximisation as financial wealth alone does not lead to happiness. It is my view that holistic wealth is achieved through the maximisation of four overarching principles:

  • Finance = Freedom
  • Knowledge = Power
  • Kindness = Happiness
  • Health = Capability

These four principles combined = Wealth; and form the foundations of this blog.


Who is the Flawed Consumer?

I am an Australian lady in my early thirties. In my everyday life, I am somewhat of a mix between an environmental scientist and a lawyer, working in the conservation space. I studied at Uni for 7 years and came out with a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Hons), which explains what I do as my “day” job. During this time (which I refer to as a “past life”), I also obtained an Associate Degree in Information Technology (but,  shhhhhhh, I like to keep this one on the down-low).


Despite my love of conservation and desire for a more simple society that wouldn’t require the need for my day job, I have also always been interested in global markets and trade, modern economic systems, global politics, and the power and freedom that money can bring. As a result, I spend a substantial amount of my free time reading the financial sections of all forms of media.


I am a strong believer in the power, privilege and necessity of education and hope that we can work together to become more educated about the flaws of unnecessary consumerism in contemporary society and how we can take back our power by switching off from the marketing ploys and sales pitches in order to keep our wallets full of our hard earned cash.


In a past life (as referenced above), I went to University on an Information Technology scholarship as a result of studying multimedia in high school. My early University days of nights spent coding until 4am are now a very distant memory. However, I’m hoping that I can dust the cobwebs off that associate degree to bring you this blog in a helpful and user friendly way!