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Cheap cleaning products: How to make a natural all-purpose cleaning spray for 15 cents

As outlined in my recent post, I have gone from saving 5% to 25% of my net income in 6 months. I achieved this by implementing numerous lifestyle and frugal living changes to reduce my expenses.


As a result, I’m now at the pointy end of the scale; finding myself struggling to find more things I can change to cut costs.


Recently, I was thinking about how much all-purpose cleaning spray I use. I only buy this from Aldi and therefore get home brands to cut costs.


But, because I’m not a fan of using yucky chemicals, I still end up spending about $4-5 per 500ml spray of somewhat natural ingredients.


So, I was wondering if I could make my own cheap cleaning products such as all-purpose spray.


As it turns out, yes, I can make such a thing. And, it is incredibly cheap, natural and easy!


how to make cheap cleaning products

Save money with these three cheap ingredients

All you need are three ingredients… Water, white vinegar, and eucalyptus oil (or any essential oil really, but eucalyptus is great for cleaning).


In my 500ml spray bottle I combine the following and then give it a good shake:

  • 62ml (1/4 cup) of white vinegar;
  • 1ml (a few drops) of eucalyptus oil;
  • 437ml (1 3/4 cups) of water.


The eucalyptus oil cost $6.69 for 200ml from Chemist Warehouse, and the vinegar cost $2 from Aldi for 2 litres. Then, I just add tap water to the mix.


All up, this spray takes about 2 minutes to make and costs about 15 cents.


So far, I’ve found it to be very effective. Given it’s cost and lack of nasty chemicals, I’m pretty happy with this option.


Keep an eye out on my blog for more handy tips on how to make cheap cleaning products over the next few months.


Cheers, TFC.

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