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Financial Independence: What is f*ck you money and how do I get it?

Have you ever had one of those days at work where you just want to walk away? Maybe you don’t get promoted simply because you haven’t been around for as long? Maybe a bunch of clients treated you like shit because they were having a bad day? Or, maybe you’re organisation goes through a restructure and you, or people you respect, get screwed over?


Whatever the reason, I’m sure you’ve had plenty of those days! I’ve had a few lately, so it has made me think about how great it would be if I didn’t rely so heavily on full time work for financial security.


What is F*ck You Money?

Imagine just how great it would be to have net wealth so healthy you could literally say “fuck you, I’m out of here” in any of those scenarios above? That, my friends, is known as F*ck You Money.


F*ck You Money is defined in the Urban Dictionary as “any amount of money allowing infinite perpetuation of wealth necessary to maintain a desired lifestyle without needing employment or assistance from anyone”. In other words, F*ck You Money = Financial Independence.


My F*ck You Money Goals

One of my goals is to get myself enough F*ck You Money so I can walk away whenever I want. Whilst I am too polite to say f*ck you when walking away, it’s the ability to do it that counts.


I aim to get to 50% saved per year over the next five years, and become debt free (mortgage excepted – that’s a 20 year plan!), as I change my spending habits bit by bit, day by day.


If I were to achieve the great 50%, I am confident that we would be able to retire by 50. This would cut 15 years off our anticipated working life, as our preservation age (the age we can access our superannuation) is 65. Therefore, we would achieve Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE).


I’m not saying that being financially independent would make me walk away. I’m simply saying that Financial Independence would give me the option to walk away. And, options = freedom.


After all, there’s a strong reason why one of the greatest (in my opinion) literary pieces of the 20th Century, 1984, ironically stated “freedom is slavery”. Because, freedom affords choice, and choice affords opportunity… And, all those things combined are pretty much the equivalent to smoking a giant doobie. Except the effects last a lot longer!


So… Heres cheers to that financial doobie. May we all feel the effects of its reach sooner rather than later… It’s my aim to not only get myself to the point of having sufficient F*ck You Money, but to help get you there too!


Cheers, TFC.

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