Someone has interferred with my FIRE aspirations by stealing a package of mine

Hope you enjoy the package, jerk!

This week’s post is going to be a little different from the usual.


Firstly, because it’s late as I’ve been focusing all my energy on trying to achieve FIRE sooner through a job applicationAnd, secondly… Because something has enraged me and I’m pretty much just going to have a rant.


So here goes…


Tell me why I don’t like Monday’s

Monday of this week was just one of those shitty days where nothing seems to go right and you wish you’d just stayed in bed. The moment the alarm went off, I think we both subconsciously knew that it was going to be one of those days. Neither one of us wanted to get out of bed, but we dragged our sorry arses out and took our dog for her morning walk.


When we got back, I had a headache and sore neck. This was not surprising as I had hurt my neck the day before lifting something too heavy for my puny muscles. Sore and sorry, I was a lot slower at getting ready for work and we ended up missing our usual train. However, we weren’t too worried, as the next train would come 15 minutes later.


…Or so we thought. As it turns out, the next train was cancelled and we had to wait over 30 minutes for a train to arrive. When it finally did, it ran late and we ended up being 40 minutes late for work.


Once at work, our bad luck seemed as though it was easing and the day played out okay for the both of us. I even got a notification that a package I was waiting for had been delivered at my home, which gave me something to look forward to.


The missing package

After I arrived home, I went inside to drop off my gear and noticed that my cat had decided she’d ignore her toilet training rules and just do a big old wee on my kitchen floor (… Great!). After, many explicit words, I decided I better hurry up and head back outside to look for the package before it got dark.


I checked for the package to see if it had been delivered by my side gate, as I had provided specific instructions to the delivery service to leave the package in this location as it is safely tucked away from the street.


I looked around and around, but could not find the package. While I was searching for the package, I heard my neighbour call out to see if everything was alright. So, I explained to her that we had a package delivered, but couldn’t find it. As it turns out she had seen a delivery person leave a package on our front door step that morning.


Why can’t people follow simple instructions?

As it dawned on me that my package had been stolen, I started to become enraged at the notion that the delivery person had just left the package on my door step, in plain view of the street, when I had given specific instructions to leave it by my side gate.


This infuriated me as, in my opinion, it is just common sense to A) follow instructions; and, B) not leave a package in plain view and easy access from the street!


Why do people steal shit?

I might be a financial independence seeking, frugal living tight arse, but, I absolutely do not put the ‘pinch’ in ‘penny pincher’!


As a very ethical, law abiding citizen, I simply do not engage in dodgey shit. As a result, I do not understand how someone could bring themselves to take something that isn’t theirs like that… Unless it’s food or water and they literally have no money at all. However, my package did not look like food or water.


So, what did the jerk score for themselves?

I can only imagine what the jerk thought they might be getting in the package sitting on my door step…


A new iPhone? Maybe a Samsung tablet? How about a shiny new watch? Or, a fancy new handbag perhaps???


Ummmmm, just saying, package stealer… Of all the people you could steal from, you chose a frugal living personal finance blogger on a mission to achieve financial independence!


So, what did they score???


A box of toothpaste! Yep, you heard it; bulk toothpaste! This frugal living lady buys toothpaste online in bulk to save over half price on store-bought toothpaste.


So… As it turns out, the joke’s on you Mr or Mrs package stealer!


… I hope you enjoy the toothpaste, jerk!


Cheers, TFC.

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  1. Sorry to hear you had a package stolen. Mr Whymances is a graphic designer so we ordered a specialty monitor online for delivery. Usually whatever they can’t fit in the mailbox, they leave a notice to pick up at the postal service….

    I guess you know where I’m going. They left a f***ing monitor on our front step. Visible for all. Luckily I had randomly chosen to work from home and was out for a short walk. So it didn’t sit there long. It wasn’t supposed to be delivered for another two days so we got lucky I was home.

    • Totally safe to drop that off on your front door step, not! Super lucky you were home.

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