how to plan an awesome trip to India on a tight budget

How to budget for an awesome trip to India on a tight budget

This is a guest post by Rohit Agarwal for TransIndia Travels.


One of the least expensive places you can visit on a serious budget is India. India is a country of a thousand colours. Vivid, alive, and beautiful, the country has sights for everyone.


Even with the tightest of budgets, a trip to India can be amazing. We list here factors that will help you plan a fantastic trip to India on an extremely tight budget. 

(Currently, the rate of 1 AUD is about 48 Rupees.)


Overall Cost

The minimum amount per day per person that you will need to spend, be it on meals and stay etc., is about $22. That’s right. For a mere $22 per person you can expect to get a belly full of delicious local cuisine, a comfy room in a not too expensive hotel, sleeper class train tickets or government bus tickets, as well as entry to various monumental sites.


Of course, one can travel and live in a bit posher way whilst traveling there which will cost you about $7 more per day. This makes for a total of $29/day, which is still pretty cheap. Even with the extra amount, India is one of the least expensive countries that is also culturally so rich.



A roof over your head can cost anything from $7 to at most $36 for a night. A budget hotel with ‘not so clean’ rooms and bathrooms will cost you about $7; but why stay at a filthy place when you can splurge just $22 or $36 dollars and stay at a comfortable and clean hotel. Hotels in major cities will cost a little more than smaller towns, but can still offer you a plush stay for a reasonable amount. 



Serving a mind-boggling number of diverse cuisines in a nation, India welcomes you to try everything from maseladar north Indian food, hot Rajasthani platter, the sweet Gujarati meal, rich and spicy south Indian curries, to wonderfully delicious north east Indian food.


Street food in the capital city Delhi is world renowned. If one is a bit careful, and daring at the same time, stuffed parantha or tandoori bread with mashed up vegetables and pickles on the side can be a wonderful lunch for as little as 60 – 70 cents. You can have a number of choices for food that’ll cost you under $1.50 which includes, rice, bread and two to three different assortments of curries. If you’d rather have meals at fancy restaurant, then be ready to spend up to $5 to $7 for a meal.



Traveling by train is an integral part of experiencing India as it is lived by millions of Indians every single day. Sleeper class tickets can cost as little as 80 cents depending on the destination. If you choose to travel in a comfortable air conditioned environment, then class 1, 2 and 3 will provide a most charming traveling experience where you will be given clean pillows, towels, sheets and blankets for the duration of your journey, all costing within $59.


Buses in India are also one of the major modes of transportation, with tickets costing as less as 7 cents or Rs 5. But, be prepared for very basic amenities!


Entrance Fees

A country with a rich history and hundreds of protected sites, India has beautiful historic monuments like Red Fort, Qutub Minar and the Taj Mahal that are sure to take your breath away. From the wondrous and intricate architecture of the Akshardham temple to the Gothic British architectural style of the ancient churches and cathedrals, the entry ticket to each can vary from a meagre 70 cents to $22 at  most. 



Having internet on your phone is a crucial part of traveling today especially when you are in a foreign land. Unlike western nations, the speed of net is quite slow in India. But, to get around that, a tourist can purchase a SIM card for local uses that can also provide unlimited data downloads, with a good speed at a reasonable cost. 



Keep these six points in mind when budgeting for a trip to India, and this magical land will host you without draining your pockets. With some talent in bargaining and a stomach ready for delicious Indian cuisine, you’ll be ready for India on a tight budget!


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A traveller who roams the world looking for lovely places and an architect determined to enchant the world, Rohit Agarwal is a globe trotter who blogs about his voyages at


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