If you live in the city and you still catch taxis, you’re a fool!

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Ok, so I openly admit that I was rather hesitant to try Uber. The idea of using something that was unregulated in my State made the lawyer in me nervous. In fact, I was adamant that I wouldn’t use Uber until it was fully legal and regulated in Queensland.


However, last July my beloved went to Melbourne for a mate’s weekend and they used Uber to get around. After this, my beloved kept wanting to get Ubers here in Brisbane. At first, I refused. And then we got a taxi that cost $40 for 10 minutes. Needless to say, this outright pissed me off and I decided that there must be another, more cost-effective option. Well, there is… It’s Uber… Der.


After my repulsion at paying $40 for 10 minutes, I finally decided it was time to test out this concept that was taking the world by storm. So, we took our first Uber here in Brisbane last September after a day out in the City. The driver was friendly enough and offered us water, which was great after a day in the Brisbane sun.


This experience was rather pleasant and I was impressed enough to give it another go. So we did, over and over again. We enjoyed the Uber experience and value for money so much that it is now our first choice for travel to and from the airport and other locations we can’t easily get public transport to.


The user-friendly app interface

What I love most about Uber, other than the cost, is its user-friendly app. The ability to see how far away your ride is, the cost range of your ride, the type of vehicle you’re getting and your driver’s review score is great.


Additionally, you can also choose between an UberX if your budget conscious, UberSELECT if you like luxury, UberASSIST if you require a little extra assistance or have a wheel chair, or UberXL if you have a larger group.


There are now dedicated ride sharing pick up and drop off zones in many of the nation’s airports, including Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane. This makes getting an Uber even easier to and from the airport.


However, I know Brisbane airport charges a $3 fee for use of these areas which I assume is passed onto the customer… So, perhaps it’s worth being a bit savvy and getting dropped off or picked up from the free car park areas 


On average, I’ve found the cost of Uber to be around 1/2 to 2/3 the cost of taxis. I’ve also noticed that the service is generally better than taxis.


What I have noticed is generally better than taxis is the service. I tend to find that Uber drivers are more eager to please to get return customers and good reviews, so they seem to make a bit more of an effort.


If you live in Brisbane, another option I have found to be good value is OzScott Limousine’s. When we lived at Coorparoo, it was cheaper to get a limousine to the airport than it was to get a taxi.


The OzScott driver usually meets you in the airport to help you with your luggage, so it’s a good option for anyone who needs a little extra help.


Additionally, you can pay beforehand or with cash so that you don’t have to cop the eftpos machine service charge like you do for taxis as well.


Now that we’ve moved closer to the airport, OzScott just doesn’t compete in cost with Uber, so it’s not a viable option for us anymore. 


However, it is definitely worth a look to see how it works out for you, particularly if you live on the south side (check them out here: http://ozscott.com.au)




Overall, for me, it’s Uber all the way. I think Uber adds competition to a market that could use it. The features are practical and convenient, and the price is usually very good.  I’m a convert, and Uber is now my number 1 choice when driving or public transport aren’t an option.


Cheers, TFC.

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