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Acorns AU: Investing made easy (Part 2)

Editor’s note: Acorns AU is now known as Raiz. Any references to Acorns AU throughout this article refer to Raiz.


In my first post about Acorns AU, I outlined how easy it is to start investing with just $5. Additionally, I touched on Acorns AU portfolio options and its round-ups feature.


Today, I’m going to go through some of Acorns AU’s other features that come as standard with the download from the Google Play or itunes stores.


Found Money


Acorns AU Found Money

Some of the companies you can earn $ from through Found Money

Found Money is essentially an online shopping portal that offers Acorns AU bonus round ups and percentage of purchase bonuses for shopping with certain retailers by going to their website via the Acorns app link.


The bonus round up $ or percentage of sale $ are invested into your Acorns account. Now of course I don’t recommend buying a bunch of stuff you don’t need just for the sake of having money invested into your Acorns account. But, if you’re already buying something from one of the 64 (correct as at 15/11/17) stores currently listed within the Found Money feature, then you may as well make some investment $ while you’re doing it!


So far, I’ve earned $29.64 through Found Money, which has mostly come from Dan Murphy’s and Ebay.



My Finances



My Finances is a relatively new feature for Acorns AU. This feature essentially tracks your expenditure and then categorises it to show how much you’re spending each month on shopping, utilities, entertainment, holidays, etc.


In addition to automatic categorisation, My Finances allows you to manually categorise transactions and change incorrect automatic categorisation to make you’re overall picture more accurate.


What I really like about My Finances is how easy it is to see the categories of expenditure I need to cut back on, or which categories I’m doing well in.


What I don’t like about it is the inability to categorise savings. In keeping with the 3 step principle – pay yourself first, bills second, and lifestyle third – I now transfer out 25% of my net income into a separate savings account as soon as my pay hits my bank account.


However, there’s no easy way for me to categorise these transfers as savings. This means that the overall expenditure and savings picture My Finances gives me is always vastly incorrect. I find this frustrating and have stopped diligently categorising and tracking my expenses in this feature as a result.


If this feature was refined to make apportioning expenditure vs savings easier, then I would strongly recommend this feature.


Little Acorns


Acorns AU Little Acorns

Setting up a Little Acorns account

Acorns AU have recently added the Little Acorns feature to the app. Little Acorns allows you to save and invest for your children and/or dependents under the age of 18 easily. Little Acorns links to your usual Acorns account. You can choose to apportion your investment $ between your account and your child’s/dependent’s account as you see fit.


The intention of Little Acorns is to give adults the opportunity to save on behalf of their children/dependents. However, like your usual Acorns AU account, you can withdraw from the account at any time.


I haven’t used the Little Acorns feature as yet, as I don’t have a little acorn to save for. However, I can see the value of the feature for parents. The round ups feature can be used to save for kids without really noticing the $ leaving your bank account.



My Finances, Little Acorns and Found Money are great additional features to the standard investment monitoring offered by Acorns AU. I wish that My Finances was more functional, but it is still a useful feature in its own way.


I really enjoy the Found Money Feature. It’s great earning investment $ by using the Acorns AU link to do my shopping at companies I already use. So far, this feature has contributed 5% of my overall Acorns AU investment account amount as at 19/11/17.


I am not an affiliate marketer for Acorns, but like everyone who signs up to Acorns AU I do have a referral link that scores $2.50 for both you and I if you sign up via this link:


Cheers, TFC.


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