financial wrap up

2019 wrap up… And, an announcement!

Wow, what a year?! 2019 definitely shaped up to be one of the busiest years of my life. The last six months of the year, especially, were tiring. 2020 looks as though it will be even busier…    An announcement If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’d know that until about 9 […]

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how to plan an awesome trip to India on a tight budget

How to budget for an awesome trip to India on a tight budget

This is a guest post by Rohit Agarwal for TransIndia Travels.   One of the least expensive places you can visit on a serious budget is India. India is a country of a thousand colours. Vivid, alive, and beautiful, the country has sights for everyone.   Even with the tightest of budgets, a trip to […]

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how to get the best deal on tyres

How to get the best deal on car tyres

A few months back, my beloved and I needed to get new tyres for our car. Our car still had its original factory tyres on it, 6 years and almost 50,000 kms after it came out of the factory… So, it was time!   The last time I purchased a new set of tyres for […]

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how much do you need to earn to comfortably afford a house

How much do you need to earn to comfortably afford a house?

This is a guest post by Ellen Orton for OpenAgent.   It’s no news that being able to afford a house in Australia is difficult, especially if you’re trying to do it alone. Although the market has cooled down substantially over the past year or so, you still need to earn a substantial amount if […]

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Are you a comfort spender offender? 81% of Aussies are

This is a guest post by Rhianna Dews for Mozo.   A recent Mozo Comfort Spending Report found that 81% of Aussie’s are comfort spender offenders, spending a whopping $1,430 a year on average to kill stress, anxiety, loneliness and boredom. We’re talking a total of $25.5 billion being chucked away each year on emotionally-driven […]

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Interview with Vanessa Stoykov, Host of Secrets of The Money Masters

Today we have an interview with wealth creation expert and TV host, Vanessa Stoykov.   Vanessa’s Background   I am the host of the Channel 9 TV show, Secrets Of The Money Masters. I have also participated in money education for the past 20 years, and also run my own media production service for financial […]

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work-life balance

How to achieve a work-life balance when you work at home

This is a guest post written by Ellen Orton for OpenAgent.   Finding a work-life balance is hard for anyone, even if you find your job fulfilling. When you work from home, it might start to seem like your work life and your personal life are constantly overlapping. However, it’s important to find ways to […]

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2019 New Year Resolution progress

2019 New Year Resolution Progress: Quarter 2

In January, I set 5 goals for the year as New Year Resolutions. I set goals for each of my four overarching principles: finance, knowledge, kindness and health.   At the end of the first quarter of the year, I posted an update on our progress to date. We’ve now just entered the second quarter of […]

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Life Insurance, Income Protection Insurance and Total and Permanent Disability Insurance

Hidden Insurances: Are you getting the best deal?

I have had Income Protection Insurance (IPI), Life Insurance (LI) and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance within my superannuation account for the last 7 years. When my superannuation account was set up, these insurances were automatically set up too.   Recently, my superannuation provider, wrote to me advising that not only are my premiums […]

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first home buyers

5 common pitfalls for first home buyers (and how to avoid them)

This is a guest post written by Jessica Davis.   Years, potentially decades, of savings and you’ve achieved the dream of owning your own home. You are on cloud nine and you can’t wait to reenact that scene from Risky Business in the privacy of your own home. We encourage new home owners to celebrate […]

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