COVID-19 have a baby during a pandemic

COVID-19: What it’s like to have a baby during a pandemic

It’s been a long time between drinks on the blog. But, I’m back! Since my 2019 wrap up post at the start of the year, a lot has changed in our household. In April, we welcomed a beautiful (Yes, I’m biased) little girl into our lives! So, it’s been an awesome, but crazy few months. […]

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work-life balance

How to achieve a work-life balance when you work at home

This is a guest post written by Ellen Orton for OpenAgent.   Finding a work-life balance is hard for anyone, even if you find your job fulfilling. When you work from home, it might start to seem like your work life and your personal life are constantly overlapping. However, it’s important to find ways to […]

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Immunity rich foods such as oranges to keep you healthy on a frugal budget

Looking after your health is critical for your finances

I spent about a third of last year sick. I caught 4 colds, one awful stomach bug, and the flu which turned into bronchitis. As a result, I had to have 10 sick days off work, including 4 in a row, which is just unheard of for me.   One could argue that the reason […]

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Save money walking your ass off!

During my normal working week, I run 5-6 kms every lunch time and walk another 5 kms in total before and after walk.   However, when I go on holidays, I really go on holidays! As a consequence, I eat a lot of food, don’t run… And drink far too much!   Back in 2009, […]

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Save money through free exercise so you can lose your gym membership now.

How to save money through free exercise: Use or lose your gym membership now

Recently, three of my work colleagues were talking about their gym memberships. All three of them paid $12.95 a week for their membership. But, here’s the thing; only one of them went to the gym twice a week. Another one went about once a month. And the other one hadn’t been in 6 months and […]

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