apathy towards charity

Over Saturation Results In Apathy

On my daily commute a few weeks ago, I walked my usual 400 metres from the station to my workplace. Within the first 50 metres there was a man collecting money for the Salvation Army. About 80 metres further up the road there was a man collecting money for Motor Neurones Disease research. A further […]

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Share The Dignity kindness and wealth

Share The Dignity This Christmas

It is well known that helping others generally increases our own well being. However, did you know that this belief is backed up by research?   In a study published in Nature Communications, it was demonstrated that acts of altruism, such as giving money or items of use to those in need, makes us happier […]

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Money management

Effective Money Management Isn’t Just About Money

This morning I made the decision not to put the $7 I had in my wallet into our Adventure Fund. Instead I spent it on a want rather than a need.   This could be seen as counterproductive to my TFC intent and purpose of achieving financial freedom through effective money management. However, the thing […]

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saving money

Ethics 101: 5 things I will not sacrifice for frugality

In this modern world, sustainability and ethics are trendy terms. This is great as it means that we are starting to think about the impacts of our contemporary consumerist lifestyles on the natural environment and on developing societies.   However, there’s a cost that comes with products or services that meet ‘ethical’ and/or ‘sustainable’ criteria. […]

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