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I Guest Posted: Beginner to Blogger – Personal Finance For Beginners

Every so often, I have the privilege of guest posting or undertaking an interview on another Personal Finance site.


A while back, I did an interview for Personal Finance For Beginners’ Beginner To Blogger Interview Series. 


Below are a few snippets from this interview. Read on for the link to the full interview on Personal Finance For Beginners’ site.


“One of the mistakes I made that I regret is adjusting my lifestyle when I received pay increases (i.e. lifestyle creep). I should have figured out how to live on my entry-level job pay. Then, when I did receive a promotion, I should’ve automated the transfer of the extra money into my savings account so I never got used to having extra money to spend.”


“In the beginning, I was very strict about what we could and couldn’t do with our money, and wanted to save everything we had left after living expenses. This placed a lot of unnecessary stress on us and resulted in tension between us because I got stressed every time my beloved spent money.”


“We’ve developed hobbies which revolve around saving money such as home brewing beer, growing food in our garden, and spending time at the local library. These are hobbies that my beloved and I do together, so from a hobby perspective we are spending more time together and enjoying each other’s company more as well.”


“If you’re an introvert, put yourself out there and don’t second guess yourself. Extroverted people won’t hesitate to jump at opportunities and will get ahead of you because of it, regardless of whether they’re better at the job than you or not.”


“Before I buy anything now, I stop and think, “Do I really need this? Is there an alternative?”.If I decide I don’t need it, then 95% of the time, I don’t buy it. Before starting my personal finance cleanup journey, if I wanted it and had the money, I’d get it.”


Read The Full Interview Here.


Cheers, TFC.

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  1. Congrats on the guest post! Have you found that guest blogging drives measurable traffic to your site, or do you do it for other reasons? I have 2 blogs, and I guest blog to reach a different audience. Sometimes it impacts traffic, sometimes not. Curious to hear other experiences.

    • Similar experience in terms of traffic. I guest posted more earlier on with the blog in order to establish quality backlinks. Now, I just do guest posting or interviews if the subject really grabs me.

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