How I saved $147.05 on a pair of Timberland boots

This week I was a Flawed Consumer by buying something that I don’t necessarily need. That something is a pair of shiny new 6 inch premium Timberland boots. Not only are they shiny as hell, but they’re comfy as hell and look pretty damn fine too. And, the best bit is that they were cheap Timberland boots!


Now, whilst I don’t necessarily ‘need’ these boots, there is a pretty good reason why I bought them. My beloved and I are taking off on a European holiday early next year… During the European winter.


The first thing that may come to your mind is “Why are you traveling overseas TFC? I thought you were aiming for financial freedom through frugality? Have you not learned anything?”. And, if you’re Australian, the second thing that probably came to your mind was “The European WINTER. Are you stupid?”.


In response to both of those things that may have come to your mind, my answer is simple… I’m travelling in the European winter for a reason! It’s the off-season for tourism and that means it’s the cheapest time of the year to go.


As a result I got my airfares for $1140 return for Brisbane-Paris, Barcelona-Brisbane. Additionally… Our accommodation is cheap, I managed to find some off-season discounted activities, and we’ve been selling a bunch of our unwanted stuff on Gumtree and Ebay (stay tuned for a post on how to plan a cheap trip to Europe soon!).


Now that’s out of the way… As my beloved and I live in sunny Brisbane, Australia we aren’t accustomed to winter. Like at all. So, our wardrobes are not designed for sub-zero temperatures in the slightest.


Therefore, some essential items such as some warm, comfortable, water proof boots to keep my feet perfectly snug are required. These boots need to be practical enough for hiking, comfortable enough for exploring in all day, and fashionable enough to wear in France and still get served in cafes!


… And, this is where Timberland’s come in. The every occasion boot perfect for a European adventure!


So, I set out to look at my options, with Timberland’s in mind. I went into a few shops to try some different boots on and source some prices. I tried on a number of different boot types and brands, but ultimately decided upon the classic wheat coloured 6 inch premium Timberland boots due to their style and comfort.


The problem with this choice was that all three stores I went to were selling these boots for $280 AUD. The mere idea of spending that much on a pair of boots, despite how nice or well constructed they are, made me want curl up in a ball in the corner and never leave my house again. But, luckily, we have a thing called the internet to research products and seek out better prices!


So, I started to do some research and saw that a lot of online stores were selling these boots upwards of $250 just like the shops I had been too. So, I decided to look at Ebay and see if I could find any cheap second hand pairs. The pairs I did find in my size that were in reasonable condition were upwards of $150, so I wasn’t that impressed with buying second hand on this occasion.


It was at about this point that I recalled once seeing Timberland boots on Catch’s website when I was doing one of my regular bulk toiletries shops. So I jumped on their website and searched “timberland”. To my absolute joy, up popped the exact boots I was wanting to buy, for $157.95 including delivery. Boom, a saving of over $90 simply by doing some online research.


Of course, being the financial freedom seeking frugalista that I am, I couldn’t just stop here… I had to look for promo codes! After some hunting through a few different sites, I stumbled across a $25 off code and thought I’d give it a go.  And… Boom, an extra $25 off! This brought my grand total for brand new Timberland 6 inch premium boots delivered to my door to $132.95 AUD.


In conclusion… That, my friends, is the story of how I saved $147.05 on a pair of Timberland boots! Maybe I’m not that much of a Flawed Consumer after all?!


Cheers, TFC.

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