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I Guest Posted: Career vs Side Hustle – Rockstar Finance

Every so often, I have the privilege of guest posting or undertaking an interview on another Personal Finance site. 


A while back, I wrote a guest post for Rockstar Finance’s Money Match-up series. These posts are where two Personal Finance bloggers argue opposite sides of a topic.


Below are a few snippets from this guest post. Read on for the link to the full article on Rockstar Finance’s site.


“Over the past year I’ve done a lot of toing and froing on the idea of what is the best way to secure additional income…career progression or a side hustle? At various times throughout the year, my views have changed from side-to-side depending on the context and circumstances”.


“Pursuing a self-employed side hustle or second job, requires investment of substantial additional time and energy simply to make a return on your investment. Alternatively, in your day job you’re already making a return on your investment, so all you need to do is make even more of a return”.


“Most people aren’t lucky enough to be able to work from home for their job. As a result, travel via car, public transport, cycling or walking is inevitable. If you’re like me and live in the suburbs and work in the City, public transport or car travel are the only realistic options. This is costly, with average commuting costs per week estimated to be $38 per person in Australia (CoreData, Commuting Survey, October 2016).”


“In Australia, it is compulsory for employers to pay at least 9.5% of an employee’s wages into their superannuation retirement account in addition to wages. This is an excellent benefit of career progression, as you will get higher and higher employer contributions into your retirement account as you progress up the ladder, resulting in a more comfortable retirement.”


Read the full Money Match-up post here!


Cheers, TFC.

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