promo codes are your frugal friend

Promo codes are your frugal friend

Promo codes are great. In fact, promo codes are brilliant. Promo codes are pretty much a financial freedom seeking frugal-ist’s dream.


I don’t buy anything online without first checking for a relevant promo code. I don’t manage to find one 100% of the time. However, I probably have success 80% of the time.


For offline shopping and experiences, I peruse voucher websites such as and


As mentioned in my post about buying in bulk, I shop for bulk items such as toiletries and non-perishables on If you’re likely to order from them numerous times a year, then the Club Catch subscription, which include shipping costs for the year for $69 would be worth it.


Additionally, I also look for coupons for local deals at It is essentially an online version of the back of your Woolworths or Coles receipt. But better, as you can still shop at Aldi, Costco or your local farmer’s markets and access the deals (i.e. discounted pub feeds, etc) you would get access to by shopping at Woolworths or Coles.


Below is a list of my favourite places to hunt down promo codes:


Almost anything: – Retail Me Not is an excellent resource for promo codes for the vast majority of requirements including, shopping, travel, insurance, takeaway food, etc etc. It is my number one go to website to seek out promo codes before buying anything online. – Similarly, Oz Bargain is also a good resource for a broad variety of promo codes for Australian consumers.


Travel: – I find Orbitz usually has the cheapest prices for accommodation around and almost always have a 15% off promo code in operation. Furthermore, they don’t hide away their promo codes like most sites. They display them right on the home page for easy use.

Note: prices are in $USD so you’ll need to use a currency converter to find out the $AUD prices. – If you’re looking for an airline promo code, Point Hacks is a great resource. I’m not sure about Qantas or Jetstar, but Virgin Australia often have 10% off promo codes available. I always go straight to Point Hacks to search for these codes as I find it a reliable source.


Voucher websites: – Cuponation has a broad variety of promo codes available like Retail Me Not and Oz Bargain. However, what I really like this site for is promo codes for discount voucher websites such as Groupon. Often you can score a promo code on top of the already discounted voucher price. Yes, you heard right, a discount on a discount! – In addition to vouchers for travel, shopping and experiences, Groupon also has a promo code section with a wide variety of offerings for shopping, travel and the like. It’s definitely worth checking out!


Cheers, TFC.

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