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How I’m funding an epic Europe trip whilst trying to be frugal!

As outlined in my post about how I saved $147.05 on a pair of Timberland boots, my beloved and I are heading off on an epic European adventure. This coming February and March, we’ll be traveling through France, England, Scotland, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.


We are treating this trip as our “last hurrah” trip. That is, our last big trip before we settle down, even more, with a kid or two.


We’re going to Europe for 4.5 weeks. As a result, this trip is not going to be cheap. Given that we’re currently trying to cut debt and achieve financial freedom through frugality… A trip like this really throws a spanner in the works!


According to my calculation, the trip will cost around $10,000 for the both of us. This is a hell of a lot of money and it was therefore really hard to come to the decision to just bite the bullet and do the trip as our last hurrah just by ourselves as a couple.


To be able to afford this trip, whilst concurrently trying to improve our net wealth, we’ve had to be a bit inventive…


Earlier in this year we bought our first home and had to move house. We moved ourselves by hiring a moving truck and doing all the heavy lifting. This forced us to think about what we really wanted to take with us!


There were numerous items, small and large, that we decided we just didn’t want or need anymore. So, we thought we’d give Gumtree a go and see if we could make some money by downsizing.


It turned out to be a huge success! We ended up raking in almost $2000, which went into our “Adventure Fund” money box for something fun. As it turned out, a trip to Europe is that something fun, and the $2000 we earned from selling unwanted items paid for most of our return flights.


As a result, we thought we’d continue the trend now that we’ve booked the trip. So far, we’ve funded a third of the trip by selling these unwanted items on Gumtree and Ebay.


Thus far we’ve sold our kayaks, second tent, playstation and wii games, kettle, toaster, knives, Wii, old mobile phones, ipod, video camera and numerous pieces of furniture.


These were all items that we hadn’t used in years, or that were extras and just sitting in the cupboard. As a result, we haven’t missed these items and won’t have a need to replace them any time soon.


Selling second hand items on Ebay and Gumtree is easy as. Sure, it requires a little bit of effort, but the $$$ rewards are well worth it.


We only have a few more surplus items left to sell. However, by the time we’re done, we’ll have funded 45-50% of our trip simply by offloading some of our excess crap! Easy peasy!


Cheers, TFC.


P.s. Here are my tips for selling second hand goods online:

  1. Set the price higher then you’re willing to accept to allow for negotiation room.
  2. Do your research and be realistic about the value of your item.
  3. Sell items that are in good condition (i.e. not junk unless it’s an antique). Or, be willing to give these items away for free.
  4. Add decent descriptions to items and include lots of photos.
  5. Look at all options, such as buy, swap and sell pages in addition to Gumtree and Ebay.
  6. Ebay is usually best for electronics. Gumtree is usually best for most other items.

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