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The Flawed Consumer Is Changing…

It has now been 18 months since I started The Flawed Consumer. When I started, it was my intention to share my journey to Financial Freedom in the hope of both teaching and learning from others.


Part of my reasoning behind this was that after I had my financial epiphany around my 30th birthday, I wanted to not only change the way I looked at money, but help prevent others from making the same debt-inducing mistakes I did in my 20’s.


I have really enjoyed my blogging journey thus far and have made some great networks along the way. My favourite part of blogging though has by far been the feedback I receive from you, my readers.


As someone who has always wanted to help make the world a better place in whatever way I can, receiving feedback from you saying things like “Thanks very much, you’ve inspired me to do x”, or “I hadn’t thought of things that way before, thanks”, really means a lot to me.


It is this connection and ability to help others that makes blogging a real privilege and honour. It’s also this ability that has made me think about what the future holds for The Flawed Consumer. I’ve come to realise that whilst finance (and most importantly, the freedom it affords), is really important to me, it’s not the only thing I want to focus on.


As someone who doesn’t find much value in money alone, I don’t believe that wealth is just about how much is in your bank account. I believe in holistic wealth… That in order to be truly wealthy, one needs to be rich in finance, knowledge, kindness and health.


As a consequence, over the coming weeks, The Flawed Consumer website will be changing both in appearance and focus (just a little bit). The overarching feature of the site will still be personal finance, however it will just have a more holistic wealth focus.


What will be different and what will stay the same?

The four principles that will underpin the focus of The Flawed Consumer going forward will be:

  • Finance = Freedom
  • Knowledge = Power
  • Kindness = Happiness
  • Health = Capability

These four principles combined = Wealth.


For the most part, the content of the site will remain the same. It will simply have a broader, more holistic personal growth and development focus. However, I will be adding some new features such as book/documentary reviews and some new interview series’.


As changes are made to the site, there may be some downtime and delay in publishing new posts.


I look forward to continuing my journey with you and thank you ever so much for your support.


Cheers, TFC.


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