Achieve Wealth The Easy Way: The Flawed Consumer turns 1.

The Flawed Consumer Turns 1!

Happy Birthday, well, Me!

Today marks one year since I started The Flawed Consumer in my quest to Achieve Wealth The Easy Way.


To mark this occasion, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite posts, achievements, failures and guest posts throughout year one of this financial independence adventure I’m on…


Favourite posts

The FIRE Unicorn Is Ruining My Career!


If I Could Turn Back Time


Beware! The Lifestyle Creep May Be Stalking You


What Is Fuck You Money and How Do I Get It?


Biggest achievements

Going from saving 5% of my net income to 25% in 6 months through ten simple lifestyle and spending changes


Funding half an epic Europe trip by selling second hand goods


Biggest failures

The Flawed Consumer’s top 5 money management fails of 2017


Guest posts

Money Match up: Career versus Side Hustle via Rockstar Finance


Beginner to Blogger: The Flawed Consumer via Personal Finance For Beginners


What would make you not retire early? Via Think Save Retire


Thank you

Thank you for reading my ramblings each week. Thank you for your comments and feedback. Thank you for following me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


I look forward to sharing the next 12 months with you and am excited to continue to learn from you too.


If you have any achievements, failures or in betweens from the past 12 months you’d like to share, add a comment below.


Cheers, TFC.

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The Flawed Consumer is a Gen Y consumer that is on a mission to achieve wealth simply by changing spending and lifestyle habits.

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